Bored with Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Showtime... ? Try reading books!

For those of you who know me, you know that I love to read, especially when the books are about spirituality, living your best life, seeking authenticity in the day to day... well, you get the drift. I like to go inside, dig deep, and tinker around while there. The more I read about the world inside, the more I understand bits and pieces about the world outside and how it all ties together. You know, like how connected we are to one another and everything else you can possible imagine. How our interdependence is natural and vital and without it we're doomed. How without connecting to ourselves, our own body and mind and soul, we can't possibly connect to one another. Death. Birth. Self-hatred.

You know, simple stuff. Easy reading.

I never set out to be a spiritual person, a beauty lover, a training-wheels wearing Buddhist, a yogi who practices yoga beyond the 3rd limb (Asana - there are 8 limbs but we usually only hear about #3), but that's pretty much what happened to me when I wasn't looking. One minute I'm dancing my ass off at a school auction, and the next thing I know I'm elbows deep in The Living Gita. Whattyagonnado? After a few steady years of reading works by Pema Chodron, Thich Nhat Hahn, Sharon Salzberg, Ram Dass, Thomas Merton, Natalie Goldberg, Brene Brown, Elizabeth Gilbert, His Holiness the Dalai Lama and more (too many to list but I threw out some heavyweights for you), I realized I was on a path. There was, um, a theme, and my days of voracious amounts of literary fiction were over.

Did the path find me? Did I find it? Not sure; doesn't matter! What I can tell you is this: The path is sweet, full of love, and makes me appreciate life no matter what the Universe serves up on the day to day (and it can serve up hot and steamy piles of dung, as we all know too well right about now. See: Covid-19, the environment, politics, child-trafficking... ouch! My head hurts; does yours, too?). Yes, life is messy, hard, ugly, complicated, confusing, painful, and not without its fair share of struggles. For all of us. True that. And... AND...

And, it's also the opposite of all that, too! Think babies, puppies, falling in love, licking an ice cream cone, flowers in bloom, a full moon, the smell of clean hair, the feeling of accomplishing something that was really f%*king hard... Yeah, all those things and so much more. SO MUCH GOOD.

and then there's all the in-between

What I love reading about? How to accept and live with all of it; how to really stare it in the face, breathe in its smell, observe every tiny pore, every freckle, every scar, and also be grateful AF for it all. Even the dung. All of it. So, I created a section on my site (cleverly titled Books) and I hope you will enjoy checking the books I put on that there shelf just a 'lil bit. If not now, then some day. And then, if you really want me to pee with excitement like a new C-19 puppy? You would want to discuss it!

Happy reading. Be safe out there, meaning this: remember to use your reading glasses if you need them, and for heaven's sake, give yourself proper lighting. You can find the first six books here:

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